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Redesign in progress

Some may have realized that the last post ist from last year. We are in fact very busy with client work and a complete (standards compliant) redesign of our own site. Details will follow. Be patient and stay tuned.
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Andromeda & Goodenergies Online

Two new projects have left the building:

Andromeda features table-less CSS Design and valid XHTML. The screen-design was developed in close cooperation by Quack Internet Solutions and Koper Kommunikation.

Goodenergies has been softly redesigned based on a new Layout and fresh content - both carefully crafted by Koper Kommunikation.
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Good and bad redesign

Some major pages have redesigned recently., the magazine nearly as old as the web itself, has recognized the importance of web-standards and switched to a beautifully designed CSS Layout.

Two major searchengines have redesigned, too: While AllTheWeb, the new kid on the block, has switched to CSS Design, Altavista is stuck with old-fashioned and blown up code.
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Cat Sailing and Golf in Portugal

In case you are interested in (Hobie-) cat-sailing and golfing, check out Lagos at the Algarve, the southern coast of Portugal. For Sailing go to the Sailcompany. Thomas and Liane will offer you great arrangments. The Cat-Station is beautifully situated at a 7km long Beach called Meia Preia.

The Algarve offers great golf courses, so if you want to combine these two activities it's a perfect match.

Don't forget to check out my Pictures.
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Simplicity and Standards

Some good stuff from Digital-Web again. Good, because it supports our philosophy ;)

"Keep it simple" says Peter-Paul Koch:
Secondly, the whole idea of exciting vs. simple is a beginner's mistake, and in 1999 I was very much a beginner. Clients make this mistake all the time because they are beginners by definition. They (and many developers) are misled by the magic words "interactive multimedia". A site should be interactive! It should be multimedial! (whatever that may mean) The site should move, dance, prance, and who cares whether the subject calls for it? We're creative, right?
Just our experience.

And Jeffrey Zeldman throws in a chapter of his new book to be published in 2003:
An equal opportunity disease afflicts nearly every site now on the Web, from the humblest personal homepages to the multi-million-dollar sites of corporate giants. Cunning and insidious, the disease goes largely unrecognized because it is based on industry norms. Though their owners and managers may not know it yet, 99.9% of all websites are obsolete.
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New Hostcenter Unix Hosting offers

The Unix-Hosting products we sell as a Reseller for Hostcenter have been rearranged and partly reduced in price drastically. Have a look at the new offers.
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