10 surprising facts from Steve Jobs’ biography

While reading the amazing biography of Steve Jobs these things struck me particulary:

1) How much of a hippie Steve Jobs was in his young years

2) How many (partly quite ugly) fights were fought behind the scenes at Apple and Pixar (internally and with partners)

3) How often Steve Jobs apparently broke into tears when he felt treated unfairly

4) How mean he could be to others

5) How Apple could still attract some extremely talented people and keep them (even though many also never got enough credit for the importance of their contributions)

6) How many of the (earlier) Apple products were actually delayed quite badly

7) How important lean manufacturing was for the success of Apple hardware

8 ) How Steve Jobs nearly overdid it with his obsession for details while at Next

9) How important the retail stores were/are for Apple’s renewed success

10) How many words are spent towards the end of the book covering the details of Steve Jobs’ health problems in detail

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