shows top-rakend iPhone apps over time

During my work at kooaba I deal alot with tracking the statistics of iPhone apps. I was also curios how other apps develop in their rankings. I could not find any web-site which consistently tracks the top ranked iPhone apps. So I decided to create my own. is the outcome of this endeavor. It collected some really beautiful charts. Let me show you a few examples:

Facebook and Sykpe are really big across the globe:

Google+ looks like a firework since launch (i.e. is loosing traction apparently):

Talking tom is popular in Europe and US, less in Japan

Twitter is less popular in German speaking countries than in the other (tracked) countries


Evernote is big in Japan 

And the QR Code Reader Qrafter is popular only in Japan – and Austria (strangely)


It should also mentioned that only few apps make it into the top 300 ever. In the three months we tracked about 4500 different apps appeared in the top 300 of the free iPhone apps.

Now just go ahead and check, how your most popular apps are doing on .


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