Reading list for Scrum

At kooaba we use Scrum in order to deliver our Software products. Here is a reading list, that turned out to be useful (at least for me) for introducing Scrum:

41nyavn9kcl_sl500_aa240_ Agile Software Development with Scrum Start with this book, because it explains you the philosophy, the underlying concepts behind Scrum. The main idea is, that Software development is a non-deterministic process, so you need a concept which is flexible enough to handle this uncertainty. The book is in parts a little “religious”, and also you may miss some practical guidelines or recommendations, but overall it’s a must.

51xxvi14fwl_sl160_ Agile Estimating and Planning. Continue with this book to get some hands-on examples how to do things in practice. Tools such as planning poker have really helped us.

51b-9a1ijrl_sl160_ Succeeding with Agile The latest book by Mike Cohn just came out, and it has some in-depth look at some special topics, such as dealing with resistance, or integrating the design process into Scrum.

51d7ztwf8l_sl160_ Finally, to put things back into perspective, read Joel on Software. Lot’s of common sense advice, also some critical questions about Agile. (The latest version of his FogBugz Software is optimized for Scrum, though. Can’t be that bad then ;) )

Overall, this will give you a pretty good overview and tools to get started with Scrum. In a few follow up posts I plan to give some more details of our very subjective experience and thoughts that came up while introducing Scrum. Obviously, besides reading you also may want to talk to some of your friends in the industry.

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