Must have software for the Mac

One of the best things about the Mac are the little utility Software’s that solve some niche problem very well. Many of them are very well designed, both in terms of UI and usability. Yes, most of them cost money, but unlike their PC equivalents they usually don’t suck and a few bucks are well spent on them. Here are some of my favorites.


icon_things.pngThings, has become the most essential app to organize the daily overload of Todo’s. It follows the Getting Things Done approach. Some of the best features are adding documents and emails to the Todo’s by drag and drop. In fact, Things has become crucial for my personal Project Inbox Zero implementation. Emails that need action live as Todo items in Things now. I can schedule them, postpone them, tag them, search them …
The second best thing is the iPhone companion Software. It just rocks. How often have you had the situation, where you had this great idea, e.g. while commuting, or in the middle of the night? Instead of looking for a piece of paper and pen (which is particularly problematic at night… Except you are one of the paranoid people, who sleeps with a notepad and pen besides your bed. But then again, you might say, what’s the difference of having an iPhone next to your bed? Well, it’s an alarm clock, too…
Anyway. Just type it in Things on your iPhone, the next day it will sync via WiFi with your laptop. Or the opposite example, you go shopping and need to remember what to buy. While in the store, just find all the Todo’s tagged with shopping in your iPhone app. Helps to remember the milk.


icon_expandrive.png This is a nifty tool, which allows you to map SSH/SFTP and FTP drives to your Mac. I use it daily. Lately it works also for amazon s3. It’s perfect.


icon_textmate.png The missing editor for the Mac. The only problem is, that now, I miss TextMate under Linux. A no-brainer for anybody writing code. Buy.


icon_screenflow.png Ever wondered how we create the nice screencasts for kooaba? This tool is just awesome at it. Even after recording you can select windows, zoom in and out, highlight parts of the screen etc.


icon_marsedit.png You publish a blog using WordPress? This tool makes it easy to write and manage your posts on your desktop, without the browser.


icon_papers.png This is for the scientists among us. A next generation tool, which allows you to manage your literature database. Highlights are the integrated Google and ACM search, the iPhone companion with synchronization etc. What it still lacks is decent reference formatting for conference papers (which dominate in Computer Science, as opposed to the journals, which are more important in most other disciplines).

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